EuroSun 2014 – First Announcement and Call for Papers

EuroSun 2014 – First Announcement and Call for Papers

Dear Mr. Arellano,

Solar energy and solar buildings are fundamental pillars to achieve a transition to a renewable energy society. While Europe is only six years from 2020 when the binding 20-20-20 targets (20% improvement in energy efficiency, 20% share of energy from renewable sources and 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 levels), will be evaluated, technologies under development today should be common place on this horizon. We are at an important point on the road towards the transition of the energy systems in Europe, and the need for pioneering scientific and technical solutions to quickly phase out the use of non-renewable energy is more urgent than ever. Also, further improvements to existing solar energy technologies to make them even more efficient and reliable are necessary. Providing a forum for scientists, engineers, architects, and representatives from industry and business to present and discuss their latest findings, developments and perspectives is essential t o reaching these goals.

At the ISES EuroSun Conference 2014 we will look back on a long history. Since the first EuroSun in 1996, every other year leading personalities from the field of solar energy have gathered to present and exchange their knowledge and to bring forward the use of solar energy. In 2014, we are pleased to celebrate the 10th edition of the EuroSun, and the role that ISES conferences have played in significantly expanding solar energy research, business and advocacy. Given the latest climate change facts, the smart use of solar energy is needed more than ever, thus we look forward to continuing in the EuroSun tradition in Aix-les-Bains in September 2014 with you.

The location of the ISES EuroSun conferences changes each time in order to enhance networking opportunities throughout the countries and regions of Europe. The EuroSun 2014 is organized jointly by ISES Europe and the French National Solar Energy Institute INES, France’s center of reference in the field of solar energy. A rich program of side events, such as technical tours, workshops, social events, will make your participation even more attractive and valuable. You can already look forward to a lake cruise with cocktails and the conference dinner in the famous old-style casino in Aix-les-Bains, where you will have the opportunity to network and discuss further economical, technological and scientific development of solar and building technologies with long-time colleagues and new contacts.

In the name of the scientific and organizing committees we warmly invite you to participate in the ISES EuroSun 2014. We look forward to welcoming you in Aix Les Bains!




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